Babies R Us Purely Simple Electric Steriliser £4.96 @ Babies R Us

Steriliser Babies R Us  has on sale an electric steriliser for just £4.96. It's not available for delivery, so this is only of for those who can collect in store, but you can reserve it online now. 

(There is also a Purely Simple Microwave Steriliser for £4.96, which is available for delivery, but with Babies R Us the delivery fee kind of kills the good offer, so if you can pick it up, it's worth doing.)

The Babies R Us Electric Steam Steriliser features 10 minute sterilising cycle for baby feeding bottles and nursing accessories.

This steriliser holds up to four Babies R Us bottles, and sterilises in 10 minute cycles. The set also comes with teat tongs. It only has one review, but that's a five star review. 

The review says, "Fantastic value for money. It does what it says on the box, and that's all I need."

At the price, I'd say it sounds like a great buy!

Thanks to honeypotpie at HUKD

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