Avent Express Steam Steriliser £25 @ Chemist Direct

5 August 2010

aventexpresselectricsteamsteriliser160256 If there was one piece of baby equipment that more than earned its keep in my house, it was the Avent Express Steam Sterilisr.

I remember watching my Aunty faffing around with all bottles, teats, lids and cups in a cold water tank and Milton fluid when I was small.  The merest whiff of Milton fluid takes me right back and when I pregnant with my eldest I knew that cold water sterilising wasn't going to be for me!

Steam sterilisers are, in my opinion, one of the greatest inventions known to man. Not quite up there with the wheel and the internal combustion engine, but close.

They are so simple to use, there's no worries about whether or not you rinsed all the chemicals off and they're super fast too.

Just wash all your bottles in hot soapy water, rinse and bung them in the steriliser for 6 minutes (that's how long my express cycle was anyway) and then they're all ready to use again!

It holds 6 bottles, teats and caps and comes complete with a measuring cup so you dont' have to guess how much water to put in.

It's been reduced down to £25 from £40 and postage will cost you £3.95.

Thanks to Nicky80 over at HUKD!

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  • Emma K.
    This is the one that I use every day - I must write a little review here on PlayPennies :) I'd recommend it, though it is quite bulky in the kitchen.

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