Avent Complete Bottlefeeding Set £60 @ Amazon

aventCompleteBottlefeedingSystem Amazon are currently selling this AVENT complete bottlefeeding set for half price; £60 instead of £120.

Not everyone wants to, or can, breastfeed - the very thought of it turned my stomach - so they're going to need a fair amount of bottlefeeding equiment that's going to be used a LOT, so it needs to be good.

I used Avent bottlefeeding products with all of my three children and never had any problems; this AVENT complete bottlefeeding set comes with everything you're going to need to get you going and is an absolute bargain in my opinion.

What you get is this:

  • 3 x 125ml bottles with newborn teats, 3 x 260ml bottles with slow-flow teats and all the bottles are BPA free and have AVENT's anti-colic system design.
  • A steam steriliser that will hold up to six Philips AVENT bottles or two Philips AVENT breast pumps and accessories; everything will be fully sterilised in about eight minutes.
  • An electric bottle and food warmer that will warm 125ml of milk, at room temperature, in around four minutes (this is the only thing that I would say you could do without, I had one and hardly ever used it).
  • 10 milk storage cups with leak-proof, twist-on lids for safe storage in the fridge or freezer and easy transport, they also attach to all Philips AVENT Breast Pumps and teats – express into, store and feed from the same container.
  • An AVENT thermabag which has a double insulation layer incorporating 3M Thinsulate keeps milk cold or water hot for up to four hours.
  • A bottle and teat brush
  • Medium flow teats and bottle sealing discs
  • A milk powder dispenser that holds enough powder for three feeds
  • And two soothers.

All of that for just £60 until Amazon put the price up; don't hang around if you want one of these Avent complete bottlefeeding sets, it will save you a whole load of hassle (and money) trying to buy all of this separately.

Thanks to cath1510 at HUKD

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