Asda Baby & Toddler Event Online Now!

Asda Baby & Toddler Event Online Now!

Today the Asda Baby & Toddler Event has launched online with some fantastic buys on essentials for baby. There's everything from nursery to feeding, toys and clothing, baby monitors and safety, travel and more! This is one of the biggest and best baby events and it's not to be missed!

This event usually launches online a couple of days before it goes live in stores, so although the Baby & Toddler Event is online from today it's not due to be in stores until Monday 16th January.

There's more than 400 items online in the Baby & Toddler Event, so here's just a few of the best offers:

You can click and collect your baby bargains for free from Asda stores, or home delivery costs £2.95 per order.


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  • Sophie W.

    I knew it was due because ive got two packs of nappies and wipes left and I always do when it comes to the event! Time to re stock! Xxx

    • Pauline F.

      Just had a wee nosey there xxx

      • Angie R.

        Got the prep machine need that bottle steriliser one though! Thanks :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: xx

        • Danielle C.

          Just ordered it thanks Hun x

          • April C.

            What one makes the bottles the black one in the picture... ill order one online if there that cheap xx

            • Celia D.

              Join playpenies group they tell you about all the bargains. C x

              • Allison K.

                :wink: can't betray mothercare :joy: xx

                • Kate S.

                  Had email to say starts instore on Monday 16th

                  • Debbie H.

                    On the quest for some sort of gate that I can fit on my spiral stairs ha ha

                    • Rhiannon N.

                      Aldi baby event is on too!

                      • Zoey H.

                        Might aswel get some biggish things and boxed of nappies etc while there is offers on xxx

                        • Shauna D.

                          Thanks must get a look :ok_hand:

                          • Samantha M.

                            The one thing I'm after is sold out already :tired_face:

                            • Debbie S.

                              If you have to bottle feed a tommee prep machine is brilliant. I had one, excellent for night time feeds. Also i liked the mam bottles.

                              • Lynne M.

                                time to get stocked up lol xxxx

                                • Lauren C.

                                  Yeah there's a lot ok just now luv, b&ms too

                                • Poppy H.

                                  I know I don't know when they end though? I'm going to go out this weekend to buy some bits wish they would put a date on them :joy:

                                  • Rach B.

                                    Ohh good lass! Thank you :upside_down:

                                    • Julia P.

                                      Anyone got any idea how far apart they but these baby events? Months wise....I'm wondering if there will likely be another before my baby is due in august

                                      • Jenny C.

                                        September was the last Aldi one. Can't remember when the others were.

                                        • Carla G.

                                          They are about every 3 months I think x

                                        • Kirsty J.

                                          Omg I'm so glad there's loads I need at the moment

                                          • Loreena G.

                                            what supermarket has an event on now please? looking for a cheap buggy that will take a buggy board x