Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor £59.99 @ Amazon

night Marked down from the hefty retail price of £79.99, this all singing, all dancing, baby monitor is something of a bargain for those parents that want total and utter child protection. This two in one baby monitor is all about keeping a beady eye on baby so if anything goes wrong you know immediately.

The SensorPad detects even the slightest movements made by baby so, if baby stops moving for 20 seconds then an alarm will sound and you can go racing through to their room to make sure they are ok! I wanted to get one of these but sadly our budget did not permit at the time. Now it feels a bit like overkill though.

Still, the addition of the SensorPad to the baby monitor makes this quite a package. The monitor itself offers eight channels and two frequencies for optimal sound quality and limited interference. The parent night2unit is portable and rechargeable with a full colour LCD display and a baby room temperature indicator included.

The various alarms include Out of Range, Vibrating, Temperature Control, Mute, Hold, Paging and Night Light. Frankly I’m surprised it doesn’t make you coffee in time for that 3am feed!

Thanks to gavhen at HUKD!

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