2 Pk Flanellette Cot Sheets £3.91 @ Tesco

2 Pk Flanellette Cot Sheets £3.91 @ Tesco

sheetsThe early bird is going to catch the deal on this fab bedding bargain this morning!

I have a thing for bedding; whether it's my own or my children's, I like there to be lots of sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers all neatly ironed and folded in the airing cupboard.  I like it like this because I've learned over the years that, especially with kids, you can never have too many spare sets of bedding ready and waiting to be put on the bed at a moment's notice.

There is nothing worse than having a child - whether they're babies or toddlers - who has wet bedsheets and you discover that the few you have are all in the wash.  You'll always get through more than you think you will and sheets, particularly lovely soft flanellette ones, can be expensive to accumulate.

Well Tesco to the rescue then!  This pack of two  soft and cosy flanellette sheets have been reduced from £7.02 to just £3.91 and I have a feeling they're not going to stay in stock for very much longer, so a bit of pronto purchasing is probably a good idea here.

They measure 120cm 155cm, they're machine washable, can be tumble dried and are a natural colour so it doesn't matter if you don't know whether you're buying for a blue or pink arrival!

All the usual Tesco delivery blurb applies - instore collection is free or pay for standard delivery.

Thanks to haylhoo over at HUKD!


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