2 Petit Bebe Brights Zebra & Giraffe Wooden Hangers £2 @ M&S

29 July 2010

hangers These hangers from M&S are truly adorable and have been marked down to a palatable £2. I must admit that initially I was wary of posting this deal because they really do seem like a frivolity rather than a necessity. I certainly wouldn't have paid the original £9.50 for two hangers, no matter how cute they are.

Your £2 gets you two wooden hangers with adorable designs on them and that measure out at 31x14x3cm. The hangers sport either a zebra or giraffe motif. They are really cute actually, and they fit into my idea of the Dream Nursery that has everything co-ordinated and beautiful. Sadly, my nursery wasn't like that, although I did get the colours to match!

Personally I wouldn't buy these for myself but, at this price, I would get them for a mum who was expecting as a cute little gift to make her smile. The original price is just insane though. Who pays £10 for two hangers? Surely that would mean spending at least £100 to get enough for a basic wardrobe?

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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