Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep £57.34 Was £99.99 @Amazon


The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep is a must-have among the new mums I mingle with. And right now at Amazon you can snaffle one for just £57.34 instead of the usual price of £99.99 but be mega quick because you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll fly off the shelves, or Amazon will whack the price back up.

I haven't tried one of these myself, but in a baby forum that I'm a member of it comes up over and over again as a highly recommended product - one of those items that new mums love so much that they wonder how they ever coped without it.

The reviews are good too; 151 customers out of a total of 214 reviewers rated it the full 5 stars, which *must* be some kind of Amazon customer review record.

Here's a fairly typical review from one of the 5 star rating dudes:

"My husband and I are first time parents and were told about this machine at an antenatal class by another couple. At first, I was cynical and thought it might be just an expensive gadget. However, my sister, who already has two children, said she thought it sounded like a godsend so we ordered it. I'm so glad we did! This machine is an absolute essential, especially during the night when baby wakes up... I wouldn't be without this machine and I rave about it to everyone - it saves so much stress and time, and really is worth every penny!"

What is it, I hear you cry? Well it's basically a gadget that warms and preps your baby's bottle to the ideal serving temperature and it also has a clever filter system which removes impurities in water for lovely sterile formula feeds with no fear of nasties or upset tummies. It works with any brand of powdered formula milk and different bottle shapes and sizes. I think you just shove the bottle in it and the machine sterilises it, beeps to tell you when to pop the formula in, and then tops it up with the exact quantity of water at the perfect temperature.

I wonder if it has a 'Make Mama a latte' button?

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  • waters84
    This is showing as £67.99 when u click on link not £49.48

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