Would You Go To A Parent-Baby Dance Class?

Parent-Baby Dance Class

We have featured the awesome GroovaRoo Dance classes before, and they have a new video that is going viral, this time featuring Dads and their babies.

Before it was Mums wowing us with their groovy moves, but now Dads are getting their turn with a line dance to 'Play That Funky Music', with babies in tow in their carriers.

As well as looking like tons of fun this is supposed to be great for bonding with baby, as well as great exercise for parents.

Although GroovaRoo are based in the US, there are similar classes all across the UK called Sling Swing, and they are hugely popular. Their classes feature qualified teachers and a mix of musical styles so that you can boogie with your baby. Click here to find a Sling Swing class near you.

Have you tried Sling Swing or another baby parent dance class? We'd love to know what you think.


  • Dean B.

    We do this on a daily basis

  • Dean B.

    They haven't got any moves

  • Dave D.

    I would go to this x

  • Dan C.

    already dance with my kids....#fundad

  • James A.

    Just stick BT sport on :thumbsup:

  • Diane B.

    The baby's dont look very impressed lol,x

  • Chris T.

    Maybe not lol

  • Jamie L.

    Now that's my kind of gym class :grinning:

  • Michelle D.

    lol i like it!

  • Craig D.

    Let me at it xxxx

  • Carl P.

    Hell yer got the carrier got baba Paisley where do i sign up lol :smile:

  • Jordan J.

    It's funny to watch but I would just show myself up :joy::joy::joy:xxx

  • Stephen A.

    I do this at home

  • Stephen A.

    I dont

  • Kathleen F.

    Love how they are protecting the little heads good daddy's

  • Jon B.

    Im on it! X

  • Laura D.

    I Wanna do a mums one xx

    • Samantha K.

      I wuld b a size 6 jumpin bout wi my chunka x

    • Laura D.

      We'd have to each have a go with him so it was fair :joy: xx

  • Vic C.

    Haha this is so funny!! Can so see them doing this! Xx

  • Abi W.

    That would be hilarious but he wouldn't lol

  • Ross T.

    Lol!! Do this all the time!! Should start my own class!!!

  • Fatumata S.

    Wow very nice

  • Sean J.

    this must be where dads learn the dad dance

  • Mynameiz J.

    We would rock it!

  • Kenna M.

    LOVE it!!

  • Rohan W.

    Love it love it :clap::clap:

  • Sam D.

    Sign me up

  • Connie C.


  • Lee W.

    Holy shit that's ace! X

  • Alan B.

    Eh no u wouldn't catch me doing that one bit lol.

  • Daniel S.

    The women sound like a rowdy pack of wolves

  • Natalie S.

    I'm going next Thursday! First one was awesome!

  • Luke W.

    haha watch the last half

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