Win £100 Tesco Vouchers in PlayPennies comp!

*** Contest now closed, winners to be contacted soon ***

The baby event has started at Tesco, and it's running until the 5th of February 2012. To celebrate, Tesco is giving one lucky PlayPennies parent a little prize - £100 in Tesco vouchers!

How to enter the competition:

There are 3 ways to get an entry into this PlayPennies competition:

  • Leave a comment below stating what you'd like to spend your £100 on
  • Subscribe to the PlayPennies email updates (those already subbed will be automatically entered)
  • Leave a twitter link to this compeition (and post your twitter username below too). Remember to end your tweet with @playpennies so we'll see it on our Twitter feed

A quick note about some of the deal highlights to be had in the biggest ever Tesco baby event...


  • Pampers Baby Dry Carry Pack: was £6.49 each, now £4.30 each
  • Pampers Simply Dry Carry Packs was £4.50 each, now £3.00
  • Johnson’s Baby Wipes 64-Pack:was £2.44 each, now 95p each
  • Huggies Super Dry Economy Pack: was £9.98 each, now half price £4.99
  • Aptamil Growing Up Milk 12m+ 900g: was £8.49 each, now £6.50 each

Products on BOGOF:

  • Johnson’s Baby Bubble Bath & Wash, 500ml: £2.99
  • Johnson’s Baby Gold Shampoo, 500ml: £2.60
  • Johnson’s Baby Pink Soft Wash, 400ml: £2.98
  • Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, 500ml: £2.50

Half Price Buys:

  • Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electronic Steam Steriliser: was £47.99, now half price £23.99
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave Steriliser: was £26.99, now half price £13.49
  • Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump: was £99.99, now half price £49.99
  • Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Freedom Breast Pump: was £29.99, now half price £14.99

Could be some good deals for you to grab there.

You can also follow Tesco on Twitter via @TescoBabyClub. They are giving out prizes every day during the Baby Event so it could be worth watching out for that.


  • Ends 24th January 2012
  • Open to UK residents only
  • 1 type of entry per household
  • Must complete email verification when subscribing
  • Must include a valid email address if commenting
  • Admin’s decision is final in all cases


  • bexslee31
    Ooh well I know what I'd spend my £100 on - a good stash of pull up pance to aid the potty training of my just turned two year old, a few indugence things to make a scrumptious dinner for my fab husband and if there is anything left, some nice smellies to treat myself and my growning bump. Love the updates and check regulary :D
  • emily6beanz
    I'd get the final bits and stock up ready for my little boy due in 2 weeks.
  • butterkitty
    Jars of yummy baby food for my 14 month year old
  • weegee74
    Some new clothes for my little one. and definately need some tips for pennywise parents, what a great site!
    Definately some clothes. Tesco clothes have lasted well in the family....;)
  • roleypoleyman
    I would spend the £100 on some baby clothes, I'm to be an uncle this year:)
  • Cherryloz
    Great competition!! Would be fab to stock up on baby things ready for my baby boy finally coming home after spending his first 7 months of life in hospital! @cherryloz
  • littlebear1
    I would spend £100 on some new clothes for my son, a couple of toys too and a treat for my Husband!
  • arivera
    I'd use £100 for baby clothes, wipes, and books for my sweet wee boy and for good, nutritious food to support our breastfeeding!
  • michaelzehse
    any pampers products - they're good but eat up the budget
  • seanferguson
    We would use it on the last nappies required before our son is potty trained and then buy him some pants with trains on- hopefully that would stop him going on and on about train pants!
    I'd spend the £100 on treats for me and my wife as a reward for the hard work we both put in juggling work, Uni, volunteering and parenting an 8 year old, 3 year old and 2 year old. Feels relentless sometimes, but definitely work it :-)
  • billhanjeffrey
    I would spend it on getting my little mans bedroom done up so he can have his own space instead of jumping in my bed everynight!
  • bec27
    I'd buy some new outfits for my little lady - she's going through a bit of a growth spurt at the moment and the vouchers would come in really useful!
  • pmorgan1
    would soend it on my future granddaughter coming in march
  • send345
    l would use them on some food
  • HuggiesMom
    Huggies, Huggies, Huggies and a bottle of wine.
  • labrydog
    I would use my vouchers on a few of the GORGEOUS outfits that you have in Tesco. My LO always looks fab in them!
  • bellinghamkarl
    What can I say?!....Every Little Helps!
  • Ethan270908
    probably clothes as having tested your rivals (M&S, Asda, Primark & Next), yours are not only better quality (tested on floors,walls, scrapping and tantrums) but also are every bit a la mode
  • johnnygiles
    Id buy some shoes. There is a hole in the ones I have on!
  • jujugaboo
    On my friends baby who will need some ickle clothes as he only weighs 1lb 4
  • niccicowdell
    we're trying to conceive at the moment so will probably spend the money on babythings if everything goes to plan and eating healthier if not !
  • aless02
    probably getting a new pushchair!
  • envukb
    I'd buy lots of baby shoes for my sisters kids- they're so cute!
  • debadwolfff
    A new cot for our fifth child (considering the previous cot had four lively kids in it and was finally chucked out!) :)
  • becky3
    I would buy some new clothes for all my children who seem to grow bigger every time i turn around.
  • montiefletcher
    every penny certainly helps towards the children, the costs of food and nappies is spiraling. Help is always welcome.
  • Miss M.
    I'm expecting twins on Valentine's Day. We don't know their genders yet so we would spend the vouchers on gender specific clothing. Can't wait! Only 27 days until Valentine's Day x @MelanieWheeldon
  • lizd31
    I'd use my vouchers to buy some bubbly as a gift for my best friend who is getting married in June. It's a very small affair with just their parents, myself & the best man but would love to provide the bubbles
  • kayleigh39
    I would spend it on baby items for my sister. Baby wipes, bottles, bibs etc to help her as she has a baby. @xxfluffywhitexx on twitter
  • softkiss51
    Thankyou for the fab competition! If I won £100 tesco voucher I would spend it on things for my two boys, maybe some clothes and definitely nappies and wipes because these certainly use alot of money! Tweeted as @sweet_Kat30!/sweet_Kat30/status/159638467230449664
  • Baggio18
    Would go towards food really.
  • nicoladudson
    I would spend it on stocking up on food. The cupboards are rather bare following christmas. I have tweeted my name on twitter is @NLK06 Thanks
  • rachel94uk
    twitter name rachel_riches id give them to my neighbour whos just had a baby
  • StickS
    Tweeted! @sticks81
  • dramrita21
    Oh so much I wish to buy for my new arrival due in March....a nice swing, some comfy beautiful clothings bottles...and what not....Thank you!
  • mmcknnann
    I need some new jeans and tops, so would treat myself. I've bought clothes in Tesco before and have been impressed with t he quality and how well they wash.
  • truffellady
    I would put it towards my weakly food shop. x
  • compy99
    I would love to be able to treat myself to a decent coffee! the price on coffee is crazy, would be nice to be able to have a cup of expensive coffee!
  • hiro19821
    I'd spend it on my niece and nephews.
  • mknight
    I'd get my little one some clothes, shoesand a few toys as the one she's got are a bit babyish for her now.
  • clissue
    I think I would have to treat myself and my hubby to a lovely night in!! All things that are luxury, steak, appletiser (wine substitue obviously!!) Some Ben and Jerrys, candles, dvd. Oh it would be lush!! maybe a few nappies if there is anything left!!
  • BizLiz
    I'd use it to stock up the freezer, and treat hubby and me to a nice bottle of wine to celebrate.
  • snowted
    I would spend my £100 on a nice big food shop!
  • justcallmegod
    Some new clothes for my little one. and definately need some tips for pennywise parents, what a great site!
  • happysouls
    I'd spend £100 on whatever is on offer so that it would feel like I had won £200 instead! ;-)
  • nutunit
    I would give it to my daughter to spend on her new born twins.
  • stevehthompson
    Just be nice to not have to go overdrawn this month to put food on the table :-)
  • clairet1
    a spring/summer wardrobe for the little ones would be what i'd spend it on
  • clairet1
    @claireishoop is my twitter
  • GeorgeBee
    Food probably!
  • immortalbeloved
    Great competition, not sure what I'd buy, I'll worry about that if I win lol Tweeting @IckiePooh
  • mazgoli
    My daughter is expecting her second (first is only 9 months), and daughter-in-law expecting first so we need lots of everything!
  • rkoya2001
    Id buy clothes for my nephews who are the cutest kids ever in my eyes
  • rkoya2001
    Have tweeted @rkoya2001 Thank you and good luck everyone
  • mummy24
    i would stock up on nappies, wipes etc - would be great!
  • SuzieM
    I'd buy a stash of baby clothes, toiletries and nappies and blow the remaining tenner on cakes!
  • walk1992
    A stroller
  • JoJoY
    I would buy chocolate, lots and lots of yummy choccie :)
  • assaas79
    I realy hope to win ,tesco is my best store,i do all my baby shopping from tesco,£100 will be very helpful for me,to buy some things i could not buy ,also i will buy a gift for my husband to say thanks for all your support and care as.
  • rugmaker
    Restocking the larder after Christmas!
  • jonpurdey
    She's just had a growth spurt and needs some new clothes
  • Jocyrets
    Have tweeted as @blondsmum
  • ataylor847
  • stevie_beavie
    I would get a bottle steriliser, oh and some ear plugs!
  • Snow_Bunny
    I'd spend it on clothes for my children. I am subscribed to your blog by email. Tweeted! @pandcands
  • cherylbelshaw
    definetely on some treats for my husband....probably xbox games or accessories just to let him know that he is the best hubby ever! (aaaahhhhh)
  • furrybloke
    Nappie, always need nappies LoL, Twitted @mrsfurry
  • furrybloke
    Nappies, always need nappies LoL, Twitted @mrsfurry
  • markfezzer
    Tweeted @F3zzer
  • Lakshmi
    Lots of cute baby toys.
  • comperholic
    I would buy something for the home, maybe a new dinner service @capodemonte
  • dawncanning
    Booze, booze and more booze!
  • kemo_2002
    i would spend my £100 on toys for my little girl
  • kemo_2002
    i have followed & tweeted a link on twitter kemo_2002
  • kemo_2002
    i have sbscribed via email :)
  • hazellemar
    Books and clothes as treats for the family.
  • JoJoB
    Cute shoes for baby Glam shoes for me And Tescos Finest for our tea!
  • francinecostello
    I would stock up on some cupboard's proving to be a very long month January!!
  • nu8
    Tweeted as @claner
  • julieef
    I would spend it on Clothes
  • drosser1978
    Nappies and baby wipes as we are expecting our 2nd child next week
  • Fluff
    That's easy. Baby wipes. Millions of baby wipes. It's the only way our house survives!
  • slbhill
    Nappies! And maybe a little treat for me :-)
  • slbhill
    I've tweeted about the competition :-) @slbhill42
  • suedoidge
    nappies for my 3 week old nephew
  • wooohooo
    Nappies,nappies and more nappies
  • mo3733
    lovely bath oils for my baby
  • babyann
    i'd buy lots of essentials for my 2 year olds potty training and stock him up with lots of lovely organix snacks and fruit and veg :-)
  • Momavic
    I would spend it on swimming and holiday stuff for my two little boys, because beimg pennywise i have booked up in the january deals! :-)
  • fozia41
    I would spend £100 on baby clothes! :)
  • philb50
    Following and tweeted @PhilTB47 . Computer gizmos are neede .
  • manduck
    Good prize.
  • chocolateone
    I would use £100 to buy garden toys
  • chocolateone
    Tweeted the giveaway @chocolateonemse
  • chocolateone
    I subscribe to emails
  • barhorne
    I would use it to give my unborn baby a fantastic start in life, and make sure she is safe and happy.
  • theswannys
    My son's first birthday is impending so I'd buy party decorations, toys, a cake, and a bottle of bubbly for the adults to toast his good health!
  • blackmidnight
    tweeted @_Natalie_P
    We're moving house this year so I guess I'll be stocking up on cleaning supplies.
  • emmav6
    i would spend the money on weaning items for babba, need a highchair & all the bowls/spoons etc, exciting times!!! :) :)
  • emmav6
    also subscribe to your email emma walters
  • emmav6
    tweeted comp too @emmav6
  • yorkshiremills
    I would spend my £100 on the great BOGOF and half price buys Tesco have.. And would so stock up on baby wipes.... :)
  • hippofriend
    It would go to stock up on food for our forever hungry son!
  • lizslamin
    i would spend the £100 on the weekly shop that would be a good help xxxx
  • eemo2003
    Twitter name is eemo2003 Ive retweeted the comp link. Emma
  • JaksMum
    Its my sons 2nd birthday on 6th of feb so i would spend it all on him!! @SarahWorton x
  • milkpetal
    - I'd stockpile some nappies as we go through them very quickly! - Am already subscribed to your email updates - Have tweeted -!/milkpetal/status/160692996633931776 Thanks for a lovely comp :)
  • paulinecnd
    If I won the Tesco vouchers I'd spend it on groceries. Thanks for the great competition
  • paulinecnd
    have tweeted @polly58
  • aniatools
    I would spend it to stock up nappies, wipes and baby food
  • lebeeuk
    I'd spend the money on my ex's youngest daughter who's having her first baby later in the year :)
  • shonaatspro
    i would spoil my new neice rotten as she deservs it as she soooooooooooo cute !!!!!!
  • shonaatspro
    spoil my new neice rotten as she deservs it as sooooooooooooo cute @playpennies
  • carolinmader
    I'd buy lots of colourful little spring and summer outfits for my little girl and a gorgeous party dress for her first birthday :) @caro_mad x
  • djs106
    twitter link posted @scoey64
  • leanneth
    I would buy some clothes for my baby who is due this week! Also, have tweeted. @leannehull
  • srobbo71
    I would get my little boy some new clothes and a treat or two :)
  • srobbo71
    This is the link to my twitter post!/SROBBO71/status/160738497303552001 My twitter ID is @srobbo71
  • liveotherwise
    Do they do carseats? Need an extra one, as Smallest isn't going to be out of hers before next baby needs it.
  • liveotherwise
    tweeted as @liveotherwise. I think I'm already subscribed to your email updates too :)
  • ali991
    I would buy my son clothes, he keeps growing
  • iggy131313
    I would invest the cash into laboratory research into organically growing your own nappies, it would save me a small fortune!!
  • emmacella
    I would spend the £100 on some baby clothes, I'm to be an mummy this year
  • emmacella
    I would spend the £100 on some baby clothes, I'm to be an mummy this year
  • emmacella
    Have tweeted @janelazy Thank you and good luck everyone
  • fluffedkitty
    I would spend it food to make up into batch lots to freeze so I always have a homemade meal to hand
  • purplebutterfly
    I follow you as @plumblossom23 and have tweeted here!/plumblossom23/status/160897877332336640
  • purplebutterfly
    I would love ot treat myself ot a Kindle from Tesco - sadly, Santa ran out of pennies this year and couldn't afford to bring me one
  • LeahSullivan
    I would spend it all on stocking up on bits for my 3 children, particularly nappies! x
  • LeahSullivan
    Tweeting @LSullySullivan
  • lynseykirkwood
    I woul give the voucher to my mum to help with stuff for my neice and nephew who she raises, just to show that the family appreciate what she does
  • icklebubbles
    I would use the voucher on buying lots of scummy food treats we wouldn't normally have enough to buy.
  • mummole
    I would buy lots of 18-24 month clothes for my son. Unlike other parents I love it when he goes up into the next size of clothes, the reason for this is that he has a genetic condition that makes him small. He has just started wearing age 18-24 months clothes and he is 4.
  • brycannon
    I would use the £100 to stock up on spring and summer clothes for my 2 little 'uns :)
  • tubbyj
    tweeted from @tubbyjpin
  • joannakow
    TWEETED @joanna_kow
  • sannn
    Id spend it stocking up on all the great offers at the mo- particularly wipes!
  • jonti22
    I think I would have to spend it on a little bit of everything for my 18 month old little boy, as he is growing so quickly! and at the rate of which we get thgrough, nappies, bubble bath, clothes, food, snacks!! Where does it all go!
  • sandiea
    Clothes for the grandchildren. They are growing so fast they are outgrowing their clothes very quickly so would be nice to treat them so my daughter can treat herself for a change! :-)
  • purple000009877
    I would just spend it on boring groceries!
  • kayzloucheeseman
    id spend the money on my 2 beautiful babies! buying them some scrummy new holiday clothes!! ive followed and tweeted u on twitter @kayzlou xx
  • polobint
  • claireshergold
    I would stock up on things ready for my baby due in April, and I would buy something very special for my 3 year old from her brother or sister.
  • kats56
    I would probably spend it on food shopping as we are broke at the moment.
  • druce26
    tweeted! I would spend on family stuff (as ever..)
  • toodles60
    Would definitely get clothes for my little one. She's growing so fast now
  • missv777
    I love Tesco's clothes ... so definatly some clothes .... and some food.
  • chloe1705
    I would spend it on baby things, I am overjoyed to be pregnant after nearly 2 years ttc xx
  • von83
    I've subscribed through Feedburner. I've tweeted as @MySonsSpongeMad (!/MySonsSpongeMad/status/161266767883276289) If I won, I would spend the £100 vouchers on some much needed clothing and food! x
  • jocstoke
    great comp, and great to know about the baby event - I'm currently pregnant with my first so need to get prepared!
  • nikkinoo83
    i'd buy nappies as we seem to go through them sooooo fast lol @NakkiNoo83
  • gemmapoulding
    I would buy most of the essentials such as muslin squares, breast pads and definitely some new clothes as im due in less than 2 weeks!
  • polly321
    Great Competition guys, new baby due on the 2nd Feb this would be very usefull. Happy Chinese New Year xx
  • philiboy
    I would spend my £100 on Nappies - you can never have enough nappies
  • katherinesara
    I would spend the money on new clothes for my girls xx
  • katherinesara
  • jaharris1004
    Wow, fab prize ! @horleyflyer
  • cfwood1
    @clareo122 on twitter
  • shoptillyoudrop112
    Buy my sister clothes for her baby she is expecting very soon
  • pmstephens
    I would spend mine on Nappies! And I would be happy to do so at TESCO. They have the best car parking for Parents & Children in the whole area. And we have all the major supermarkets represented. Go TESCO.
  • cinderellao9
    i would spend £100 on some clothes for us all, having 3 children always costs a fortune on clothes so would help out amazingly
  • cinderellao9
  • sissiscutie
    £100 of Tesco vouchers would easier buy our young family a new toaster, something we don't have but need/want. The remaining cash would be spent on nappies. I always seem to be buying nappies so would be good to stock up for once.
  • sissiscutie
    Tweeted about the competition as @shapala84
  • deborahbird2
    I would spend the £100 on some new clothes for my son!
  • deborahbird2
    I am subscribed! :)
  • deborahbird2
    I have tweeted! @zebedee01
  • Oldhamborn
    FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • misslinda
    I would spend the £100 on the new season arrivals in the children's clothing range - they're fab!
  • lphillips25
    Not very exciting i know but i would probably spend it on the weekly shop! It seems to cost more and more everytime I go ( but hey ho everyone is in the same boat!)
  • mumsthe1
    I would treat myself to some lovely new clothes from F & F, they are such good quality.
  • budfly
    lots of baby goodies i think(_;)
  • Arriaga
    Fab comp!! I would spend the vouchers on my little boy (nappies and clothes), and also a few treats for me (make up, accessories (_;)) Also, here is my twitter link entry (first ever tweet lol!):!/Arriaga19/status/161526776059801602
  • fortuna93
    I'd spoil her and buy her the swing shes circled a million times in the tesco direct book
  • kel1981
    I'd buy a new car seat. Also tweeted @binna81
  • BellaWella
    I'd spend it on nappies sadly enough! Always come in handy. Also tweeted @megza
  • cathyov
    A little extra present for everyone to celebrate.
  • Peter1111
    I just want to buy some food! Hungry...
  • jenbwins
    toys, toys, toys as we kind of missed christmas this year with a house move :o/
  • joandblunt
    I would stock up on nappies and wipes.
  • grannybiker
    followed & tweeted @grannybiker
  • dchalliwell1
    It would be nice to have extra money to spend on foodie treats for the family. x
  • grannybiker
    Have subscribed to your newsletter
  • nanny2lucie
    Would use it for food and me granddaughter
  • Mamz
    A new summer wardrobe for our baby girl, xx
  • Mamz
    forgot to say, I'm Mamzie2 on twitter and have linked to your competition, xxxx
  • beclee
    I would give the vouchers to my daughter,shes pregnant with my first grandchild so would use them for nappies and toiletries
  • vvee
    If I was lucky enough to win the vouchers would be well spent on a great family grocery shop.
  • flo1
    I'll have to spend it on Nappies and stock up on them while the baby event is still on - with two little ones needing them, we are going through rather a lot...
  • flo1
    Have tweeted, @daisydoo12
  • deliciousnessy
    I think I'd have to update my wardrobe if I won the vouchers. In desperate need!
  • Tchand
    I'm currently carrying our first bundle of joy and we would spend the whole lot on stocking up on everything tesco has to offer in preparation of our little one. Tesco Nappies, wipes, baby clothes... I'd have a field day! Hubby can push the trolley ;) x
  • Tchand
    I'm currently carrying our first bundle of joy and we would spend the whole lot on stocking up on everything tesco has to offer in preparation of our little one. Tesco Nappies, wipes, baby clothes... I'd have a field day! Hubby can push the trolley ;) x
  • birdyboyuk
    I would buy new clothes for my daughter. They grow so quickly! I have posted on twitter also - @birdyboyuk
  • misskitten
    i'd spend it on some new outfits for my baby and lots of nappies!!
  • kiki725
    i would by nappies! Boy are they expensive
  • kiki725
    I tweeted @kiki_725
  • kiki725
    i subscribed via email
  • charlie87
    The playhouse my daughter got for Christmas from tesco was damaged beyond repair because of the wind so I would buy her another one to make her smile - we love tesco
  • charlie87
    And my twitter name is @yummumcharlie
  • fazkin
    Nappies and more nappies for us!!!
  • fazkin
    My twitter id is @muslimahi
  • sarah24
    I would buy a car seat :)
  • Longtall
    Posted on Twitter @mselts

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