Wet Nappy Alarm

Last week I told you about the iPhone app that translates your baby's cries and tells you whether they're hungry, tired, etc - well, it got me thinking:  how many other completely pointless baby inventions are out there?

There has to be LOADS, so I went on a bit of a search and discovered the Wet Nappy Alarm.  Oh yes, this alarm will tell you when your child's nappy is wet just in case you can't figure that out for yourself and the Cry Translator misinterprets the 'alarm' that Mother Nature pre-installed in your child whilst in the womb.

There are various versions out there and the first one (at least the first one that I can track down) was patented in the United States in 1980 - looking at the original patent diagram that was submitted, wet nappy alarms have moved on since then and now come attached to cuddly toys!

I've hunted, trawled and searched the internet to try and find a price for this absolutely useless piece of baby kit but I can't find one - hopefully that means the wet  nappy alarm has died a death and is now just an amusing 'something' on the web.

Stick with your baby's natural alarm - it's free, VERY effective and you'll never have to replace the batteries!

If you come across any utterly absurb baby inventions, drop us a line and tell us about them so we can call have a giggle.

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  • SlayerKat
    Wow I've actually got a really good need for this product and was a little disappointed that you didn't find a price or a seller! My son is disabled and can't speak and as he gets older it's not very polite to keep checking his nappy in public company. This alarm would solve a problem to be more discreet. An absurd baby item was the electric "rocking" thing that could rock a buggy for you so that you didn't have to rock the buggy yourself :)

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