Different Ways To Announce 'I'm Pregnant!'

pregnancyAnnouncements I've been sitting here for a little while wracking my brains as to how I announced my three pregnancies.

I distinctly remember being too 'scared' to tell my mum face-to-face when I was pregnant with my eldest.  I wrote her a letter (there was no email back in those days!) shoved it through the letter box one evening and very quickly drove away!

I'd got over myself a year later when I was pregnant with my daughter and I told her over the phone when I was expecting my youngest.

But as for telling everyone else, I have NO recollection whatsoever - I do know there was no fuss, no party poppers popping and as for baby showers!  Well, they really weren't on trend then either.

Now it seems that unless you have fanfares, parties and a whole lot of fuss and hurrah you're being short-changed somehow.

I encountered my first ever man-baby-shower at the golf club the other day!

It was a very jolly affair with lots of frivolity being enjoyed after a round of golf - seemed like a lot of fun to me and one that I think will take off here in South Africa...not so sure if I can see British men taking it up though, they just seem to enjoy getting hammered AFTER the birth, rather than celebrating it, with some style, beforehand.

BUT, what to do if you want to make a unique announcement to friends and family?

The two ideas that appealed to me most was the dinner party idea - invite friends and family round for dinner and write their new titles on their napkins. For example: Nanny, Grandpa, Aunty bla bla, Uncle Whatsisname etc.

The other one I liked - which could also help siblings to be get to grips with their new role - was the kids t-shirts announcing their impending big brother or sister status.

If you announced your pregnancy in a unique, or different, way then please do let us know!


  • Luschkha
    Those are great ideas - I love the dinner party idea. That only works when you live near your family though! With our second pregnancy, I filmed my daughter bouncing on her bed saying 'there's a baby in mummy's tummy' and sent it to the family via Whatsapp ;) They loved it and thought it was a unique way of announcing.
  • Lynley O.
    As we'd been trying for five years, just telling everyone we were past the 12 week mark was thrilling enough :)
  • Dawn
    I told my family at Christmas just before we were about to open our presents. I told them that there was a present they would have to wait till July to have...My baby!!! We told my inlaws by giving my mother in law a present for her to open her with a bib saying I love my gran...took her a while to click what we meant! Good luck all those about to announce!!
  • Vicki
    I sent a photo message of the 12 week scan to my brother, with no explanation. Don't have a good camera on my phone, so it took him a while to realise what he was looking at! :-)

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