Is Wauwaa Going Bust?

 wauwaa pm

We have posted a few deals in the past from Wauwaa as they have had some great offer on baby and kids products, but it looks as though things have gone very wrong for the retailer.

Although there has been no announcement, if you try to access their website you just get "Page Not Found", and their Twitter and Facebook accounts have both been deleted, so it's looking like Wauwaa may have gone bust.

Obviously if you are waiting on an order from Wauwaa then this is bad news. There's a few ways that this could go right now. The company could be sold, which may not affect existing orders if it continues to operate, though this looks unlikely with the social media accounts being removed. If the company goes into administration then there will be an official announcement along with details of what action you should take.

If you have made a payment by card then you can contact your card issuer, as you may be able to get the payment reversed of you have not received the goods. Each card companies procedures will be different, but it's worth checking with them.

When we get any more information we will let you know.

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