Warm Wipes For Winter Willies!

warmBabyWipesIf you have, or have had, a little baby boy then you'll already know where I'm coming from just from the title of this post alone!

If you've only ever had girls, then let me explain...

It's the middle of winter and it's cold; it's the middle of the night, the heating's gone off and being on the wrong side of the duvet and baby sleeping bag isn't the warmest place in the world to be.

So you unwrap your little boy, who WAS all warm and cosy, and slap a stone cold baby wipe around his boy bits.

The result? Pee and chaos EVERYWHERE!

Well, some bright spark has come up with a baby wipe warming device. You know, ordinarily I'd scoff at something like this however...the other day I inadvertently put the toilet roll on top of the radiator in my bathroom and left it there.

When I came to use the toilet roll again it was LOVELY and warm (I was blowing my nose before any of you start to get too carried away *sigh*), so I can rather see the appeal of warm baby wipes.

The Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer retails for £22.93 - but I reckon you could get away with leaving a pack of baby wipes on the radiator like I did for no extra cost!

Regardless, if it stops parents being peed on by their sons then I'm all for it - let me tell you, there'll be plenty of opportunity to get metaphorically peed on by your sons when they hit 16!


  • Lynley O.
    I can just about see a case for these here, especially with all the snow and all. But as you point out, maybe you could just keep some wipes near a radiator! However, my niece lives in Brisbane and she tells me that they sell them there!!! In Brisbane they think it is cold when it dips below 20C. Madness!
    The wipes warmer has been around for years - mine is 6 years old! Fab bit of kit!

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