Wanted: Child Executive Officer @ English Heritage

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Do your kids love pretending to be Knights in shining armour, Princesses in a tower or storming up a hill to capture the castle? Then they might want to apply for this!

English Heritage are looking for their first ever Child Executive Officer, a child aged 12 or under who will help create this summer's activities at castles, forts and historic buildings around the country.

The first task in the new Child Executive Officer's in-tray will be making the wishes of thousands of children come true. The CEO will ask kids from all over the country for the fun historic activities they have always wanted to do, whether it's a sleepover in a castle, leading a Roman army into battle, or locking their Dad in a dungeon. The Child Executive Officer will then work with English Heritage to make this History Wish List come true as part of its Kids' Takeover season.

The successful Child Executive Officer will receive lifetime membership of English Heritage, a birthday party with their friends at their favourite English Heritage castle, a stay at one of English Heritage's holiday cottages, and much, much more.

How great does that sound? To apply children need to say which period they would travel back in time to, why they would choose it, and what fun activity they would want to do. It sounds like they want a child with loads of ideas and lots of imagination who can make days out at English Heritage as much fun as possible for families.

If this sounds like something that would interest any children you know then they can apply online at the English Heritage website, and the closing date is 7th June. Good luck!

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