Wallpaper For Boys

26 September 2010


A little while ago (like months) I wrote about dot-to-dot wallpaper and it was about fifty quid a roll - well I've just gone one better than THAT!

Wallpaper for boys works in the premise that there isn't any 'nice' wallpaper out there for the young males in our lives.

I'll go along with that; what if they're a bit older and don't want Lightening McQueen or Thomas on their walls anymore? Then what?

I think this 'Hand Made' wallpaper is a fabulous idea! It shows lots of different ways to make animal sillhouettes with your hands - how cool is that?!

We can all do a bird and, if you're a bit clever, a rabbit; I used to be able to do a crow, but can't remember how to do it now.

What's NOT so cool is that is costs £100 a roll!!! I wouldn't spend £100 a roll on wallpaper, EVER!

The idea is brilliant - the price is RUBBISH! Typical *sigh*

What do you think?

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