Vicks And Vinegar Parent Hack

vicksAndVinegarVicks VapoRub has been a fixture in my life ever since I was little.

My mum always made sure there was some in the house and the same is true of me.

It's lovely soothing properties for those times when coughs and colds strike is legendary but I bet you didn't know it can also help with something else!

There's not really a delicate way to approach the following subject matter and I have posted this an hour later than usual, just in case you've had a late breakfast...

Having to clear up after your child has been sick is enough to make many parents want to run SCREAMING into the hills; my cousin is one of them, the very mention of the word 'vom' is almost enough for her to start throwing up herself!

According to a post over at Parent Hacks, a bit of VapoRub under your nose can make the clear-up job MUCH easier to stomach.

Apparently this is an old trick used by medical students during dissection classes, oil of clove was also suggested as an alternative to Vicks.

So, you've cleared up the stomach bug chaos and carnage and whilst everything might look clean and lovely, it's certainly not smelling clean and lovely.

Distilled white vinegar is what you need!

It's dead cheap,  neutralises all sorts of odours and has anti-bacterial properties too - all you need to do is put some in a spray bottle and spritz over the area in question.

I've never tried the Vicks VapoRub trick but I've been using white vinegar for years after watching one of those Kim and Aggie house cleaning programmes (I can't remember what it was called now!).

Sorry for the non-glamorous post but if you're a parent who can't cope with vom' maybe this will help you out.


  • Gina
    Vinegar is great for just about everything! It's great for washing clothes (and no, it doesn't leave a vinegar stink on your clothes), disenfectant, window cleaner, etc etc! I just wish I can find somewhere that sells it in bulk sizes.
  • Lynley O.
    Do you just use white vinegar? I'm wondering if there's any of these applications where you could use malt vinegar. I ask this because the price of white vinegar seems to have rocketed in the last year. It used to be my cleaner of choice (a little lemon juice mixed in for the kitchen, some eucalyptus oil for the toilet etc). However, in my local supermarket it now costs more than a bottle of window cleaner!

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