The Umbrella That Changes In The Rain

wetDryUmbrella If you're of a certain age you'll remember Global Hypercolour t-shirts.

I'm not sure WHY we all thought they were cool - they were t-shirts that changed colour according to your body temperature, which just meant that everyone knew when and WHERE you were hot and sweaty; mad!

The umbrella that changes in the rain works on a similar principle except, instead of advertising your hot armpits to the world via colour change, it displays pictures in its white panels when it gets wet.

The wet/dry umbrella appeals to me as a grown up, my youngest would go mad for it and, even though I'd spend forever trying to convince him that fifty times of emptying the watering can over him whilst holding the umbrella, I'd quite like to buy him one.

They cost £15, measure 61cms in length and I think they're rather wonderful, certainly a nice break from normal kids brollies.

What do you think?

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