Train Tracks For The Table

Do you have a young one who LOVES trains?  Do you have a young one who loves trains SO much they can barely tear themselves away from the train tracks to come and eat?  OR, do you have a young one who has trouble sitting at the table for more than 30 seconds?

These train tracks for the table - or Railroad Plate, to use it's official name - may just come to the dining table rescue.

The rails can be connected to any standard wooden railway -  my youngest had lots of this wooden guage track - and you could build an enormous track around your entire dining room table, if you felt so inclined.

You will need to oil the pieces before you use them for the first time and every now and again after that; they can be washed but by hand only, no putting them in the dishwasher.

Each set costs 29.50 euros and contains four pieces:  a railroad plate, curved saucer, tunnel cup and a dining car with magnets - I think that tunnel cup is genius.

So what do you think?  Are products like this more of a hindrance than help when it comes to kids and eating at the table? Are they just too much of a distraction to be useful?

Have you tried things similar to this and can shed some light on my semi-rhetorical questions? If you have, let us know!

What do you think?

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