Tesco To Remove Ribena, Capri-Sun & Other Sugary Drinks From It's Shelves

Tesco To Remove Ribena, Capri-Sun & Other Sugary Drinks From It's Shelves


I cannot believe what I have read this morning. Tesco are to remove added-sugar drinks from their shelves. That will include brands like Ribena, Capri-Sun, Rubicon and Jucee. It's fair to say, that this is a bold move in what they state is to 'help prevent childhood obesity'.

From 7th September, we will see that brands like Ribena and Capri-Sun have disappeared from the shelves. As the children return to school, Tesco will only sell no-added-sugar drinks in the kids' juice category.

You have to wonder, are Tesco removing parents, the right of choosing what they wish to give their children? I have friends that would rather give their children sugary drinks over artificial sweetener laden ones.

I can see both sides of it. Whilst I welcome that Tesco are stepping towards helping the UK's childhood obesity problem, I can see problems with people feeling like they are being dictated to, in a way.

It is blatantly obvious that the carbonated soft drink brands are not being addressed in the same way, even though it is said that a single can of Coca-Cola can contain as much as six teaspoons of sugar. One could speculate because of the brand power and money of such big companies, that it is highly unlikely that a supermarket like Tesco would take on such a big company.

We can't help but wonder if other Supermarkets will follow suit. What do you think about this big move by Tesco? Do you think that this will just lead to other 'unhealthy' items being banned?

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  • thegoldenpig
    totally not fair in my opinion, im an adult and i drink capri sun - are they removing my right to choose my own drink for myself?
    • Psyche4
      Personally for someone like myself I would rather they worked with the companies to reduce the sugar contents and not add sweeteners. A lot of people myself included cannot have the sweeteners I have to go for the full sugar ranges and then mix with sparkling water to take away the sweetness So for me removing the sugar versions can be an issue.
      • garymayer980
        Agree with Psyche4. Our daughter has an issue with drinking so taking away our choice will only mean we will buy elsewhere. Her drinking is more important. Also our daughter takes flavoured water to school as she will not drink plain water (some schools don't even allow drinks such as ribena anyway). Why aren't they targeting other drinks like coke etc??? We don't buy any fizzy drinks, loads of sugar and the carbonated effect raises the damage to teeth.
        • dizzylonergan
          Tesco support diabetes uk. My daughter has type 1 diabetes which isnt obesity related its where the pancreas shuts down . We use capri sun to treat a hypo (low blood sugar) its cruel to say we are banningthem as my ddaughter uaes them to keep her alive capri suns are the best thing that works at the moment !! If every store had thia point of view where would I get these from !!!
          • Ameth
            This is totally wrong. Tesco do not have the right to dictate to its customers what they should be drinking. I personally do not purchase anything that contains artificial sweetners, especially Aspartmae. Well Tesco do the same thing across the board, ban Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper etc and keep the balance. You are going to loose many customers because of this rediculous decision. People need to be allowed to make their own decisions what they buy. So let them or loose them. Whats next you won't sell butter, just low fat chemical spread? Just ridiculous.
            • Emmamed
              I may have read it wrong but it says the full fat drinks will not be in the kids juice bit of the store. I would read this as they will then be available elsewhere, therefore not banning them totally, but just from a particular part of the store. Wonder if it will last, at one point stores stopped having sweets next to the checkout, but they are now back.
              • Hayleybarker
                What happens the all of the people that can't have add ins like aspartame and such like? These man made additives are just as bad for you. It's not just sugary drinks that are the problem when children are obese - sweets, crisps, fatty foods etc all contribute. If a child is going to be obese I think it's from a lot more than sweet drinks...