Tennis Ball Towel, Key Or Memo Grabbers

Tennis Ball Towel, Key Or Memo Grabbers

When I was writing about the bag of 12 tennis balls earlier, I came across the picture of these tennis ball 'grabbers' - I can't think of anything else to call them (if you can, suggest it/them in the comments below!).

They look very simple to make and rather fun and funky, certainly much more interesting than a bulldog clip, those rubber push in towel grabber things or a boring hook for your keys!

From what I can see you'll need the following:

  • A tennis ball (well, duh!)
  • A rubber suction cup
  • A sharp knife to cut a slit for his mouth at the front and a hole for the suction cup at the back
  • Some fabulous googly eyes; and
  • Some glue, perhaps, to stick on the aforementioned googly eyes

Then all you have to do is stick your tennis ball grabbers wherever they're going to be useful.  You could really go to town and give some of them hair, or a hat, or really whatever your imagination comes up with.

I think they're rather fun - send us some pictures if you make some, we'd love to see!


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