TanSafe: Keep Your Belongings Safe On The Beach

tanSafe My youngest and his dad are down on the coast visiting family for a couple of weeks.

We live just about as far away from the sea as you can get in this country, so my son loves spending as much time on the beach as he can when he's visiting his nanny.

Cold, wet and windy weather are not enough to put him off and there are plenty of pictures showing sand castle building whilst wearing coats and holding brollies to prove it!

However, I'm reliably informed that the sun is blazing where they are and beach trips are a daily occurance.

I used to spend a lot of time on those beaches with my mum as a child and she wasn't ever one for going in the water, which meant we always had someone to look after all the important things: money, house keys etc (mobile phones didn't exist in those days!).

But what if it's just you and a little one who needs you to be with them near the water?  What do you do with all your valuable bits and pieces?

You could stuff them in your pockets but I wouldn't be happy messing around in the sea with my iPhone in my pocket, and suppose what you're wearing doesn't HAVE pockets?

I came across this little 'invention' on Firebox the other day and think it's utter genius - it's called Tan Safe

Do you see what they've done there?  Tan SAFE; a safe for your beach valuables?  TAN safe, a brilliantly cheesy name for sunscreen? Funny.

It looks like a bottle of sun cream but is actually somewhere to hide your keys, phone, money and anything else that you wouldn't be happy just hiding under a towel.

It costs £7.99 and the few people I've shown/asked about it think it's a pretty smart idea, one of those where you think, "Now why didn't I think of that!"

Just make sure you don't forget to take the REAL suncream bottle with you too!

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  • Wonkypops
    It's a great idea, couldn't you just cut the nozzle part off of a real used-up suntan lotion and put your stuff in there? The cap would make it look like a real bottle, it would be a form of recycling, and it would save you £7.99.

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