Make Your Own Table Playhouse

If you're nifty with a sewing machine, needle and thread then this looks like rather a fun project that will kill the rest of the summer holiday time, and may well save your sanity between now and when the kids go back to school.

Kids love to 'camp' out in things and under things - my older children were forever making dens and camps when they were small, my youngest is often found 'denned' away and I remember making camps with my cousin when we were little.

None of those camps were as sophisticated, or clever, as this idea for the 'table playhouse' that I stumbled across this morning - sheets, duvet covers and blankets were sneaked out of the airing cupboard for ours!

The idea is simple - stitch together some material so it fits over a table, like a cover, and reaches the floor on all sides.

Now my sewing skills are pretty basic, but even to me this looks doable - simply measure your table of choice, cut five pieces of material to fit, sort out some holes for the windows and either hem them (or edge them with iron-on bias binding) then stitch it all together, not forgetting a hole/slit for the door!

If you're sewing talent is superior to mine - and that really won't be difficult - then you could really go to town and make your table camp cover as sophisticated or professional looking as you like.

Failing all of that, you could just do it the old fashioned way - sheets and duvets hanging off the edge of a table with big heavy books on top to hold them in place.

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  • LynleyOram
    what a brilliant idea

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