Spoon On A Lanyard

There are so many bits and pieces all vying for our parental attention and all promising to make life just that little bit easier if we part with our hard-earned cash for them and, occasionally, I come across some fabulously practical items, and ideas, when I'm looking for something 'random' to tell you about.

But for every, genuinely, useful thing there must be at least 10 which aren't and, for me, this Spoon on a Lanyard is one such useless thing.

Essentially it's a plastic spoon, with a hole in the end and a lanyard threaded through it so you can hang it round your neck and never be without it; great <----- just feel that sarcasm burning through your computer screen!

Maybe I'm missing the point, but why on earth would you want/need to wander around with a spoon round your neck?  At worst you're going to end up with baby food on your top, at best people will think you're sporting the latest crazy trend - or they might just think you've gone a bit crazy.

What would be useful is a spoon you can attach to your child so they don't fall on the floor (the spoon, that is) when little hands are trying to get to grips with the whole eating utensils thing.  But it would have to attach around the wrist; you can't hang a spoon on a lanyard around the neck of your child, that's just asking for trouble!

So for my money - nine euro, in the case of this Spoon on a Lanyard - this is one of those parent gadget fails, even if it does come in six colours.

What say you?!

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  • Sara12
    Maybe you just attach it to your child so they don't throw it on the floor when learning to eat?

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