Snow Ice Cream

22 December 2010


I read about making snow ice cream a couple of weeks ago one of my, many,  forays into the world of Mummy Blogs, but I'm blowed if I can remember which one it was *sigh*

The snow chaos that had ground the country to a halt had disappeared and it didn't seem overly topical, so I put it back in the virtual 'miscellaneous post' drawer to be used, maybe, another year when we got snow again.

Well, I didn't think I'd be dusting it off so soon!  Has our weather gone completely mad?!

I'm not a snow fan at all - give me sunshine and temperatures of 30C any day - but I would have loved making snow ice cream as a kid, even if it does look utterly disgusting and not a patch on Ben and Jerry's Baked Alaska with its white chocolate polar bears.

There are two recipes I've found that you can try with your kids (I would try it first and let you know how it went, but there's no snow where I am at the moment *grin*)

This ONE which uses snow, evaporated milk, eggs and sugar or this ONE, which is a more simple version using just milk, sugar and vanilla flavouring.

I somewhat doubt that you'll be serving these ice creams as an alternative to Christmas pudding after Christmas lunch on Saturday, but it will kill a bit of time with the kids and is always a backup plan if you are unlucky enough to get snowed in and, perish the thought, run out of ice cream!

And ALWAYS remember the old adage 'NEVER eat yellow snow!'

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