The Slush Mug

I remember when Slush Puppies first made contact with my consciousness.  There was a newsagents/sweet shop on the high street of my, then, local town called Maynards - that's where I first saw the bright blue slush slowly being churned round and round.

The bright blue Slush Puppy was the best for two reasons

  1. It was raspberry flavour (well, supposed to be anyway, I'm not sure it actually tasted of raspbs at all!) and
  2. It was COOL to eat/drink things that were neon in colour!

Then you grow up and it's not cool to drink Slush Puppies anymore; coffee becomes the only way to go, then you have kids and Slush Puppies, whilst still around, now have lots of 'cheaper' imitations.  But the raspberry flavour is still blue and your kids love anything slush just as much as you did.

All of my children have been, still are actually, obsessed with having ice in their drinks.  If I want to make sure there's ice for my drink when I go to the freezer, I'd better make sure there's enough ice available to rival 'iceberg alley' in the Atlantic beforehand, otherwise there'll be one cube left for me.

I'm thankful that the teenagers have grown out of trying to make their own homemade slush drinks because, to be honest, the final result was rubbish, they made lots of noise and didn't clear up afterwards.

If your children are the same - or just fans of slushy icey 'drinks' - then you might want to have a look-see at these Slush Mugs; ingenious, to say the least, and would have saved me a whole lot of aggro back in the days of ice cube bashing.

Just freeze the Slush Mug liner,  put it into the liner holder cup thingy, pour in your drink of choice and stir, then hey presto...slushy drinks.

The official blurb even suggests that us grown-ups might like to use the Slush Mug to make frozen margaritas - now THERE'S an idea and worth paying the £9.99 price tag for on it's own!

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