Shy Kids Dolls

I really don't know what to make of these, not dolls FOR shy kids but, 'Shy Kids' dolls.

I've never been a dolly person but I'm strangely drawn to them and I can't help thinking it's because I just want to hug them so they don't look so upset anymore!

They are life-size dolls that are designed to stand in the corner, or leaning against a sofa or cupboard, facing away from you.  Whether you interpret them as hiding or as being upset will, I suppose, alter how they make you feel but there's something about them that makes my heart ache for them just a little.

They're not designed to be played with by kids; the website blurb says they are 'not designed as toys but as stunning addition to any room' - I'm not sure I'd WANT to have a child that looks upset as a permanent addition to any of my rooms!

Each Shy Kid costs £72.49 and, even though they're really not for me, I don't think that's a bad price.  You can, if you really want to, have a go at making your own Shy Kid - a Shy Kid kit costs £15.99 and is just the ball for the head, the hair for your Shy Kid and a full inventory of everything else you'll need to find for yourself.

Each one is hand-made and the website also says that each Shy Kid has a solid styrofoam head; ok, now my mind is asking all sorts of questions!  Do the Shy Kids have a face?  Well as they're designed never to look at you, the face space is just blank! Can you imagine turning this realistic looking child round to discover that it doesn't have a face?!!  I'm heading into scary and disturbing character territory, a'la Dr Who.

Time for me to say goodbye to the Shy Kids I think! The thing is...I keep wanting to go back and look at them just for a little bit longer.

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  • brathwaite56
    Sorry , but I really don't like the look of these. Just by looking at the pictures part of me want to just cuddle it and another part of me thinks it is spooky to have a life size doll just to be place against my wall - back towards me. No thanks! and at that price NO

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