Shit My Kids Ruined!

6 October 2010

white chair disaster

Years and years ago I discovered the perfect nail polish colour - I'd been hunting for the perfect shade for such a long time, it had become a personal crusade.

I found it, I bought it, I got to wear it once - my eldest son, now 16 but around two years old at the time, decided his Little Tikes ride-on tractor would look much better painted in it.

He also like to throw tampax into the toilet and squeal with delight when they would explode out of their wrappers on contact with the water - a useful method if you ever need to completely drain your loo of water!

My daughter, when she was five, loved drawing kisses on everything - like the lampshade, the hall, stairs and landing carpet and walls that lead a lovely loving trail all the way to her room.

To make sure that we never forgot the depth of her love, she did this with a permanent marker!

My youngest son, and his friend Alfred, have recently drawn their version of an Atlas on the lounge wall at his dad's house - the wall had only been newly painted just a couple of weeks before. They were very proud of their efforts!

I came across this GREAT place on the interwebz where parents can share their frustration, and shame their children, by posting photos of the latest things their child ruined.

I've sat here laughing away at them all for a good hour or so, 'Interview at a new school tomorrow' on page two had me crying! - so be warned, if you haven't got time to kill maybe come back later, but be prepared to LAUGH OUT LOUD, thank the universe that these photos don't belong to you (if they do...I'm sorry, but I laughed...a LOT!) and share in the parental pain over at


  • bob
    Thats not what the website is called...
  • Sarah K.
    HAHAHA Bob, this is v e r y true...

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