Scout's ABC Garden App £2.39 @ iTunes App Store

scoutsABCGardenApp Leapfrog have gone iPhone!

They've just released their first iPhone app onto the market and, of course, it features the much-loved green puppy, Scout, in 'Scout's ABC Garden'.

I'm sorry Android users, I've done a bit of scouting around for you and it doesn't look like this is available for you guys yet (should have got an iPhone *grin*), so feel free to wander away from your desk and do something else until the next PlayPennies deal comes up at 11 o'clock.

Scout's ABC Garden app will cost you £2.39 and once he's downloaded onto your phone you, and your child, must teach him your little one's name and tell him what their favourite things are.

Once that's done Scout will help them learn their alphabet in a way that is personal to them.

I think this is very cute and will, I'm sure, enthral little learners aged between two and four years old.

What do you think?

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