Rock Star Baby Birkenstocks

rockStarBabyBirkenstocks First Victoria Beckham was seen out this week NOT wearing high heels; secondly, I discovered that Tico Torres of Bon Jovi rock fame has designed a range of Birkenstocks for kids!

I'm telling you, if I looked out the window now and saw some pigs flying past I'd no longer be surprised.

Birkenstocks have seen something of a surge  in popularity over the last few years and now kids can get in on the act too.

I'm not sure about them to be honest.

On the one hand they look pretty cool, but on the other I'm really not a fan of sparkly bits on my shoes.

However, as I'm not the target market I suppose the question is: will little girls love twinkly bling on their shoes?

That's not a question that really requires answering is it - all (ok, most) little girls adore anything shiny and sparkly!

There are two styles available just now (at least I can't find any others at the moment) and both retail for £19.99.


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