Rinse Hopper - The New Way To Change Nappies

Every now and again I mooch around the interweb looking for strange and weird baby gizmos, and every now and again I find one - like this Rinse Hopper.

Now it's either going to have you chuckling away at it's madness, over your mid-morning tea and Jubilee scones, or it's going to appeal to you in an instant and one will be in your basket quick as a flash.

Ben Foden - Northampton Saints (C'MON the Saints!) and England rugby player - has very recently had a little girl with his Saturdays fiancee Una Healy, and apparently he's rubbish at changing nappies!

According to Una, he just can't stand the smell - perhaps we should send him one of these Rinse Hoppers so that Una can have a break (C'MON Ben, toughen up, you're letting the side down!)

Essentially the Rinse Hopper looks like a little baby bath that has holes in the 'business' end - you plonk poo covered bottom and baby into the Rinse Hopper, take off the nappy, splosh a bit of water over the relevant bits, all the poo washes away (along with the smell), you dry, baby's happy, you're happy AND you save a ton of cash not having to buy baby wipes.

At least that's how the official spiel goes - I'm not convinced, even just for $39.95, and what do you do when you're out and about? Take it with you?!

What do you think; the Rinse Hopper - GREAT or GIMMICK?!

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  • littlebear1
    What a load of rubbish!! How will that work when a). My son does one of those "all the way up his back poo's". b). He will grow out of this in weeks. c). What about those really sticky poo's that take alot of wiping?! Never seen such a useless invention.

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