Post-It Notes For Time Management

22 February 2012

Time is a strange thing and once we're practised at telling it, we forget what life was life was like before we could tell it and how difficult it was to learn how to tell it.

It's interesting how our concept of time shifts - I tend to get up around 4am so I can fit all the things I need to do each day into as many available hours as possible, but on the odd occasions that I get up later, even 6am can start to feel quite late!

When I was at school half-terms and main holidays seemed to take FOREVER to come round, now it feels as if the kids are always on some sort of school holiday or other.  When we're having fun, time flies; when we're not, or are counting down to a special event, it can really drag.

When you're little and look at the clock and have NO clue what any of it means or when you should be doing things, time is just one big mystery - ENTER the humble Post-It note (other sticky notes are available and will work just as well!).

I came across this on ParentHacks this morning and I think it's a great idea. It's elegant, it's simple and it will help your child to understand the passing of time and how to manage it.

Simply stick notes around the outside of an analogue clock showing your child when they should start doing something, or when they should stop; genius, at least I think so.

What do you think?

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