Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendar

Personalised Chocolate Advent Calendar

There are just 49 days left before 1 December and children all across the land open door number one on their advent calendars.

When I was little I was more than happy with a new picture behind each door, none of this chocolate malarkey.

But in these 'modern' times children feel cheated if they don't have a chocolate advent calendar, providing them with a great excuse to eat a little bit of chocolate first thing in the morning before breakfast!

Chocolate advent calendars are all a bit 'samey' though, featuring a naff cartoon Christmas scene; a company in Cambridge have decided to put at stop to such Christmas genericism  and are providing, the more creative among us, the opportunity to design a personalised chocolate advent calendar.

Instead of cartoon reindeers and snowmen, you can have your own pictures or artwork printed instead.

It will still have 24 doors and there'll still be chocolate behind each door, but the outside will be totally unique; fabulous.

If you like the idea of original chocolate Crimbo advent calendars then each one will set you back £9.99, and the total time from upload to delivery is between five and seven working days.

The £9.99 price includes VAT but doesn't include delivery; I've searched and scoured the website, and Googled, but I can't find any delivery costs anywhere.

I can't imagine it's extortionate though, perhaps give them a ring if you really want to know before you decide to start choosing which images to use for your calendars.

Happy Advent Calendar Creating!


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