Pee And Poo Dolls

I'm sure it's happened to you: you come across something that is massively popular and yet, despite reading the official About Us page and various press releases, you cannot figure out

  1. What the purpose is and
  2. HOW, and WHY, whatever it is you stumbled across caught public imagination the way it did.

This is where I am with these plush Pee and Poo dolls; yep, plush toys named Pee and Poo!

They've been around for a while, 2004 in fact, and came about as a result of Emma Megitt's (founder of Pee and Poo) Masters degree in graphic design - all of that education, all of that learning has come down to Pee and Poo.

Please someone help me out here - WHY would a child want to cuddle up to Pee and Poo?! Sure, pee and poo (with small Ps) are funny and the merest mention of those two words can cause little ones to collapse in fits of the giggles, but CUDDLES with Pee and Poo (with big Ps)?


The only thing I'm reading, and thinking, is they're potty training aids - but HOW?! They don't do anything, they're just stuffed yellow and brown toys in the shape of pee and, well, poo!

I could go round and round this - but what's more astounding is how Pee and Poo have branched out since 2004; now you can send Pee and Poo e-cards! You can have Pee and Poo wallpaper for your computers and play online Pee and Poo games.  There is even a Pee and Poo range of clothing in, wait for it, both children AND adult sizes!

Perhaps you need to be on a higher level of consciousness than I posses to 'get' Pee and Poo (or perhaps lower, either or!) but if you DO get them then head on over to the Pee and Poo website, LIKE them on Facebook and fill your boots...although not literally, that would just be gross.

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  • SlayerKat
    lol this had me in stiches like the giant microbes (check them out) according to the facebook page though pee and poo shop closed down in february :(

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