Parent Hack: Temporary Tattoo Removal

temporaryTattooRemoval Whenever I think of temporary tattoos, I'm transported back at least 30 years to when my nan used to give all us grandchildren packets of candy cigarettes - you know, the thin white sticks that had a red end - which always had temporary tattoos inside.

I loved putting them on but didn't love it when my mum scrubbed them off on a Sunday evening in readiness for school the next day.

My youngest son doesn't seem to be such a fan of temporary tats, but a little boy in his swimming class is - he's covered in them every Friday evening and I often sit and wonder whether he goes through the same Sunday scrubbing trauma I did.

Some clever parents over at ParentHacks have come up with some great alternatives to scrubbing off temporary tattoos - apart from not putting them on in the first place - and they include: hairspray, baby wipes, olive oil, baby oil and even Scotch tape!

If you've discovered a method of your own that hasn't already been mentioned, then do let us know.

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