Papillon Bath Rings

13 October 2010


I've been looking at these Papillon baby bath rings for a good few weeks now and I can't decide if I think they are a good idea or not!

Basically they are like a little 'skirt' that ties around your baby's waist that supports them, and stops them toppling over, in the water.

The official list of reasons as to why they are GOOD ideas are thus:

  • The Papillon develops your baby's sense of independence
  • The Papillon enhances baby's motor skills and sense of balance
  • The Papillon supports your baby even when he tries to stand up
  • The Papillon outlasts a traditional bath seat
  • Made of gentle fabric, the Papillon is soft and comfortable against baby’s sensitive skin
  • The Papillon lets you bathe all of your baby’s body with ease
  • The Papillon lets you easily bathe two children or twins at a time
  • The Papillon is super easy to clean
  • The Papillon is light, foldable and portable

Does it teach them not to mess about in the bath otherwise they'll be going for a quick dive under the water though...? And that's where I get stuck.

I've always been part of the school of thought that says 'don't move things out of the way, teach your kids that not everything is for them to pick up and play with'.

And so it is when it comes to water - have fun, but be careful.

Not only that, I don't know what your kids are like but I wouldn't have been able to keep this on any of my three when they were small enough!

Good idea? Money for old rope?  What say YOU?


  • Jessica
    Seems kind of pointless to me. I could understand using something like this if you had more than one baby to bathe, but that is it. My son never even used a bath seat. He went from his bath support to sitting on his own in the bath. And because I am constantly watching him in the bath, I can teach him not to stand up or hurt himself in the bath.
  • Emma K.
    I think they're a good idea, though I have so much bathing paraphernalia now.... I really don't have room for any more!
  • Luschka O.
    I think they're very cute if you want to take bath time photos that wont see you arrested! I also think they'd be great for a splashpool. Not convinced about them for regular bath time though - I think they're as 'necessary' as a bathseat - something I thought we HAD to have and never ever used!
  • Lynley O.
    Sometimes pointless is fun! I can see this making a cute gift for someone maybe. Could be a good way to give the baby a bit of 'fun time' in the bath. Personally didn't need to do that myself as he would have had fun no matter what! But for a baby learning to stand up, it could be quite a bit of fun to have a kick about in the water in the bath. Even so, you'd get maybe what two months use out of it tops? So yeah, definitely one of those in the doting aunt or uncle gift category. Honestly, I was sucker enough for all that stuff when son was a baby. At the end of the day it is all just landfill!
  • Emma K.
    It's tough isn't it! I was snapping pics of my little girl in the bath the other day, and I was trying to make sure her legs or hands were strategically placed to try and protect her dignity. Awful that we have to worry about that kind of thing!

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