Original Things To Do With Your Ultrasound Scans

As I never had any problems with any of my three pregnancies, ultrasound scans were always something to look forward to.

I think, like many expectant parents, if I could have had more than two I would have; in fact, one every month would have been a great way to kick off the kids' photo albums.

But what did you do with your scans?

I suspect after being shown to anyone, and everyone, who'd look at them they got tucked away somewhere and rarely see the light of day any more - that's certainly the case for all of mine.

Well how about doing something different with them to show them off?

I really like some of these.

Turn your scans into wall art; if you didn't find out whether you were having a boy or girl at scan time, wait until he or she is born and then have the scan print tinted with either pink or blue.

Putting your scan on a t-shirt at bump level will either appeal to you or it won't; some people will love the concept and for others it might just be a bit too freaky.

Did you know that you can have your own images, or artwork, printed onto Royal Mail stamps that you can actually use to send mail?

If you're preggars at the moment and have, or will have, a scan image of your baby before Christmas time, why not get some printed and use them to mail out your Christmas cards?

Let us know if you did something super creative with your ultrasound images!

What do you think?

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