Organise Electronic Chargers With Loo Roll Tubes

I don't know why I keep popping over to ParentHacks really; I just end up feeling 'stupid' when I come across ideas and solutions SO simple it's enough to make you cry with wonder that you didn't think of them yourself - the hack I came across today is one of those 'can't believe I didn't think of that!' solutions.

I have two iPhones (one is my 3GS from the 'old days', I don't have two new ones!), I have an iPod, the kids have mobile phones and they both have iPods.  We all have laptops and I have three digital cameras (I'm allowed, it's from my photography days) and every single one of them has its own charger and some have various additional cables and leads.

There are some which are used all the time so identifying them is easy, but there are others tucked away in drawers that don't regularly see the light of day; I'm sure it would be easier to come up with an answer to the meaning of life than quickly identify which gadget each one belongs to.

Not ONLY that, but I'm sure someone goes into the 'charger drawer' when I've gone to bed and messes them all up, because I put them away all neatly wound around. Either that or things really do come to life when you're not looking and there are gadget charger raves going on in there.

If you suffer from the same, then you'll soon be retrieving all the loo roll tubes from your cardboard recycling box (like I've just done), taking up arms with a permanent marker and rejoicing in anticipation of the 'easy identification and tidy cable drawer' loveliness that's heading your way!

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  • Snow_Bunny
    God, what a brilliant idea! I am absolutely pathetic with all these cables and can never work out which is which, so this is such a great solution for me! I am so glad I am subscribed to you newsletter, Sarah! x

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