napkid If you're a sleep deprived new parent and were hoping to come here looking for the 'Napkid - make your child go to sleep' invention of the century, then I'm sorry to disappoint you - this post has nothing to do with sleeping.

It's to do with eating.

I remember having a tea-towel put around my front and held together at the back with a clothes peg when I was little, but not little enough for a bib anymore.

If I'm wearing something white and eating something like chilli con carne, I will STILL eat with something covering my front - usually the apron I haven't taken off from when I was cooking the chilli whilst wearing the aforementioned white item; I know, I like to live dangerously but with some sort of stain prevention insurance policy.

My own kids have also walked the road of being accessorised with a tea towel and clothes peg whilst eating, so I can't help but wonder whether things like this Napkid are just money for old rope, actually 17 euros.

Stylish for when eating out, apparently. I'm not sure I'd go along with that and I'm undecided it's even necessary - when we went out for dinner, we'd just take a change of clothes in case there were any serious food disasters.

Not only that, you could make your own for considerably less I reckon AND let your child choose the material too.

What do you think?

Is this an invention of note that saves the laundry day? Or is it just a tea towel with a couple of holes and a loop of fabric being pimped as something genius and clever?

I go for: it's a tea towel.


  • debadwolff
    it's a waste of 17 euros!
  • Honka
    A napkin to eat bread?! Insanity!

What do you think?

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