Motion Sensor Pyjamas?

29 September 2010

motionBabyWell now, what do we all think of this:

Pyjamas, and clothes, that have motion sensor inserts which will monitor your baby's heart rate, activity level and emotional state. This information can then be sent to your MOBILE PHONE and computers that are attached to the wireless network.

Think motion sensors for cots but built in to clothes!

I had a motion sensor mat with my youngest and it DID make me feel better; scared the living daylights out of me when it went off but all was well on the two times that it did.

But this is a step further - now you can 'spy' on your child 24 hours a day if they are wearing clothes with these sensors in them.

Imagine this:

You arrange a baby sitter,you go out to dinner and you get a text to say that your child's emotional state is 'Distressed' You try not to panic, so you wait and see how thing develop.

Next you get an alert to say that the activity level is zero! THAT'S IT! You're off out of the restaurant and driving home at mach 2, only to discover the baby got upset because they had wet pyjamas and the baby sitter changed them for dry non-sensor ones!

So that's one ruined dinner and one potentially sacked baby sitter - I'm all for minimising worry but this, to me, is just a step too far.

They aren't going to be available until next year and I can't find a website for you either - but they're being developed by a company called Exmobaby based in Virginia, USA.

Watch this space!


  • Luschka O.
    I'm with you on this Sarah. To me it smacks of preying on the fears of already preyed upon parents!
  • Emma K.
    I've never had the motion sensor or heart beat stuff... I think it would drive me crazy at any little blip. Obviously there will be people who will want this though...
  • Lynley O.
    For medical reasons, my friend had one of those sensor mats. There were heart stopping false alarms when the baby would roll off it! So I think maybe she'd have quite liked some of these.
  • Luschka O.
    I'm sure many will, yes. Not for me though :/

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