Mama Tea Herbal Teas

mamaTea I'm a bit of a coffee fan.

Ok, I actually drink far more than I should but it's straight and black and I don't like it strong (unlike Tamsin, I swear you can stand the spoon up in her coffee!).

I stayed away from the black stuff when I was pregnant with all three of my kids though and dived headlong into the caffeine free world of herbal teas.

Anna Louise Simpson did the same but took things somewhat further than just buying a few boxes of Twinnings tea bags; she designed her own range of herbal infusions especially for pregnant and new mums, although you don't HAVE to fall into either of those categories to enjoy them.

There's Morning Mama tea with ginger and chamomile - perfect for morning sickness sufferes or when you just want something warming.

Glowing Mama tea with rooibos and elderflower; Cool Mama with spearmint and chamomile, Ready Mama, a blend of infamous Raspberry Leaf to kick start labour along with rose petals and New Mama tea with fennel and lemon balm.

The all sound rather lovely to be honest and can be bought from various places online, and if you order direct from Mama Tea then there's no delivery to pay.

What do you think?

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