Magna Doodle Car Food Tray

magnaDoodleFoodTray Magna Doodles, or anything similar by any other name, are always big hits with kids.

One of those smart parents who frequent Parent Hacks have found another winning use for them - they make great car food trays for when you have to eat on the move!

I think this is rather clever.

Unless you have  car which has folding trays in the back of the front seats (I had a Renault Scenic that had these and they were SO incredibly useful) then kids and food in cars can be a tricky balancing act.

I've been on a fair number of longer distance road trips with my kids over the years and whilst you can stop at motorway services, your choices are limited to either an over-priced sandwich from Marks and Spencer Food, or KFC or Burger King.

It's cheaper, easier and healthier to take your own food and eat on the move; with this Magna Doodle food tray Parent Hack (other magnetic doodle toys are available!) the actual eating of everything en route is now easier too.

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