Out With Lunchboxes - In With LunchBAGS!

31 October 2010

I'm rather jaded when it comes to packed lunches; I think, having been making them for over 10 years, I'm allowed to be.

I don't ever want to see another rigid plastic box that comes with matching flask for as long as I live.

So I was rather surprised to find myself quite taken with these lunch bags made by Fluf


I don't want to make packed lunches again (the teenagers don't 'do' packed lunches) I just want these lunch bags!

Fluf was started back in 2005 by two mums, Nathalie Butterfield and Terra Kushner, who have four kids between them, they also have a lot of fluf...

"We have lots of FLUF in our own homes, but mostly spectacular malfunctions that never made it to market."

They also strive to make sure that all FLUF is as green and clean as possible; They're eco-friendly, washable, funky and I WANT ONE!!!! I want FLUF!

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