Take A Looxcie At This

24 October 2010

looxcie I adore new technology! I LOVE gadgets! I'm utterly smitten with the Looxcie!!


Basically it's a handsfree bluetooth headset AND video camera rolled in to one!

Now you can leave your hands free to join in the fun as the Looxcie looks where you look, it sees what you see and it automatically stores the last five hours of everything you looked at. When those five hours are up, it simply starts recording over what happened five hours previously.

When you want to keep something -  a Looxcie moment, they're calling it, you push the little button and the Looxcie will capture 30 seconds of MP4 footage, a tweet sized movie!

You can send the little clip to your smartphone, edit it and be sharing it around the world, on your social media platform of choice, within minutes!

Being billed as the piece of tech' that means 'you'll never miss an another unexpected moment', the Looxcie could just save your parental bacon when your child does something amazing for the first time when you're least expecting it.

I think it's a genius little piece of kit but what do you think?  Genius or a bit BIG BROTHER!

What do you think?

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