Laundry Basket Basket Ball

There are still a few BIG questions which remain unanswered in the Universe:

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is there life after death; and
  • WHY is it that, at some stage, children suddenly find it impossible to put their clothes in the laundry basket?!

I've been thinking about my own children: when they were old enough to toddle over to the laundry basket with various items, they did and they loved doing it.  Then at some point, which I can't identify through the mists of time, out of the blue, all putting-clothes-in-laundry-basket deals were off!

All of a sudden they became physically incapable of putting clothes into their baskets - it wasn't even as if they had to take them out of their bedrooms, walk along the landing, open the bathroom door, walk through the bathroom door, open the lid of the basket, drop clothes into the basket, then close the lid of the laundry basket!

My youngest son is six and still happily putting his clothes in the wash basket (I'm bored of saying laundry 'basket' now) mainly because he plays 'washing paper toss' - paper toss is a game app where you must toss a piece of scrunched up paper into the bin, which he loves playing - so it's fun.

It's very similar to an idea I read on a blog ages ago, which suggested buying a cheap basket ball hoop and attaching it the wall above, or onto, the neglected washing basket.

If extra incentive is required, then hold laundry basket ball (or washing paper toss, if you prefer) tournaments: each item is assigned a points value, everyone takes turns and the person who has the most points at the end of each week wins a prize - whatever it takes, I say, whatever. It. Takes!

Not only that, their hand-eye coordination will become massively improved - the NBA here they come...maybe.

What do you think?

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