Kids 'Appen!

montessoriAppsYou can try and keep your technology to yourself, but with the best will in the world, you're going to end up sharing it with your kids.

My youngest firmly believes that his father's iPad is actually HIS iPad and frequently says, "I'm very kind letting you use my iPad aren't I daddy?" it's rather funny.

Tech' is taking over the classroom too, or rather iPads and other similar gadgets and gizmos.

Back to my youngest again - his headteacher was in London on Friday doing a dummy run for the Northants BLT Monopoly Challenge.

"The Northants BLT Monopoly Challenge 2011 centres around a challenge-based tour of London with a Monopoly flavour.  Three teams of three or four children will meet on the steps of the Reform Club in Pall Mall.

Each team will select a random ‘property card’ containing at least one place of interest or  famous landmark. That is when and where the fun starts…"

School trips and adventures were never THAT exciting in my day!

There are lots of game apps for iPhones, Touches, Pads and Android devices, but there are lots of educational apps too that can really help your child progress with their maths and writing skills, amongst other things.

Some of the best I've seen my youngest get to grips with are the ones from Montessori - there are some for apple iThings HERE and a free Montessori app for Android dodgers HERE

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