Kangaroo Keeper £9.99 @ JML

kangarooKeeper It's ok, I'm not suggesting a new career in kangaroo farming or looking for a new home for a bouncy marsupial.

This particular Kangaroo Keeper is something that could bring you order from chaos, a bold claim I know but read on.

I saw an advert for the Kangaroo Keeper on TV the other day, it's a handbag organiser that has numerous pockets and pouches for you to keep different things in.

Now I'm not a huge handbag person, I only have one and that already has lots of pockets inside.  BUT if you're a handbag junkie then this could be a godsend for you when it comes to transplanting the contents of one bag to another, as you just lift the Kangaroo Keeper out of one and put it inside the other; genius.

When you become a parent you very quickly discover you also took on the role of 'pack horse'.

When your children are tiny babies you're carrying around nappies, cream, wipes, cotton wool, bags, food, bottles, bibs, changes of clothes and none of the baby changing bags I ever had were easy to orgainse - you could use a Kangaroo Keeper to keep your baby bag organised.

All of a sudden your kids are older and whilst you've escaped the shackles of the baby bag, your handbag has become its replacement and is now full of kids 'stuff' as well as your own - a Kangaroo Keeper will easily keep yours and their bits and pieces separate and easy to grab when you need it.

They're not the most pretty things in the world, but they look so useful I think we can overlook that.

It's flexible so it will fit into any shaped bag, comes in black or beige and two sizes; you get both sizes - a large and small one - for £9.99 and standard delivery is £3.95.

I'm sure this is one of those things that once you own, you're not sure how you lived without.

What do you think?

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