Jewellery & Accessory Mystery Parcel £40 @ Traidcraft

2830 I adore these mystery parcels that some stores do, I think that the idea of getting a bunch of goodies for yourself that are a surprise is ace. I am not sure how well it would work for jewellery and accessories, like this particular parcel, as many people I know are extremely fussy. Anyway, you pay £40 for a parcel that was £115 and get a bunch of lovely stuff included.

The value of all the products in the parcel come to £115 so £40 is a total bargain. If you hate some of the items you can always wrap them up as lovely Christmas presents or stocking fillers and you’ll have saved a fortune on your Christmas shop.

I am seriously thinking of getting this so that I have a range of lovely items to choose from whenever I need an emergency gift.

There are 15 items in total and they include: two scarves, three purses, one bag, three necklaces, one brooch, one keyring, one jewellery set, one bracelet, one earring set and one ring set.

Thanks to ellie71 at HUKD!

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