iPhone App Translates Baby Cries

Do you remember life before apps, whether they be iPhone or Android?

Apps can be useful, they can be fun (I'm still in love with Angry Birds), they can make life just a little easier and there's an app for just about anything you wish to 'app' - but one that translates your baby's cries...?  Well, I think that has to top the list of the most pointless apps in the world list.

So here's how Cry-Translator works - you download it onto your phone and wait for your baby to cry.  Upon tears and wailing, rather than doing what parents have been doing since the dawn of humanity, and quite successfully I might add, you grab your iPhone and point it at your crying child for 10 seconds.  THEN, and this is the 'exciting' bit, the Cry-Translator app will tell you what, out of five choices, that cry means so you can fix the problem.

Is it just me who's snorting with mild amusement and more than a bit of 'oh PLEASE! Get a life!' derision?

My favourite part of discovering this app though, were the quotes from a quoted pediatrician, "Babies do cry; it's their main form of communication."  NO!!!  REALLY?!!!  WOW, and there was me thinking it was just for kicks!

Extreme sarcasm aside, there were a couple of things I found interesting: apparently, French babies cry with a rising melody pattern whereas German babies have a falling melody due to the natural timbre of their native language which they hear in the womb.

It costs $4.99 from the app store (I can't find a £££s translation - I don't have an app for that *hur hur*) and amazingly, people have bought it!  They're not impressed though, the title of the following/comment was, 'Even a broken clock is right twice a day' - that properly made me laugh.

"This program is correct about 20% of the time; Which doesn't say much when you only have 5 possible options. This is either a scam or the developer has a long way to go. I am very tech savy and this thing didn't help at all. It gives good suggestions for the indicated cause of crying, but rarely indicates the correct cause. Nothing more than a novelty."

Whatever next?  Maybe there's an app for predicting that!

What do you think?

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