Introducing The....STROLLEY!

strolley1 If you are regular reader you might recall that I'm a bit of a fan of multi-tasking toys and products.  There's nothing quite like something that will make your life easier because it can do more than one thing.

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:

You're going on holiday.  You're looking forward to it but there is also the dread of having to navigate your way round the airport/ferry terminal/train station with suitcases, hand luggage, children and pushchairs! It's making me break into a cold sweat just thinking about it!

So how about this for some lateral thinking?  Ladies and gentleman I give you 'THE STROLLEY'

The Strolley is the result of an international competition organised by the suitcase/briefcase people, Samsonite; the brief was to design and innovative product that related to travelling with babies and toddlers.


Simply unfold the 'top' of the suitcase and it transforms from a normal suitcase to a stroller, sorry, a strolley!  I think it's utter genius, one of those things that's SO simple it makes you wonder why on earth we don't see them all over the place.

What do you think?  If you travel with your kids would you buy one?


  • Emma K.
    What a brilliant idea! Would be great if you are travelling somewhere for a few days... though from the image, the suitcase does seem to be fairly big. I would definitely use one of those.
  • GateGipsy
    Love the idea. Would need to look at one in the flesh before deciding if it would be good or not. I travelled on my own with son 2 months old to Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Is it a carry on? This would only be useful if it is. I put baby in a front carrier so I had arms free to carry his change bag and carry on bag. Security can take ages to get through, then you've that mammoth walk at the other end through Heathrow. Strollers are not waiting for you when you get off the plane - they're in baggage hall. So you've another long walk at the other end carrying everything. Except at Hong Kong where you'll have queues of staff wanting to carry the baby!
  • SlayerKat
    I like the concept. Don't know how well it would work in practise though! Would depend on cost etc etc.
  • Tamsin O.
    Next time I'm visiting Hong Kong. I only remember losing feeling in both arms in those moments between security and boarding.
  • Mike H.
    Great, another reason for mothers to get in the way, smash your ankles and jump queues at airports. I've taken to parking in mother and child bays, it's rather amusing winding the mothers up for once.
  • kelly_o_fanatic
    Is this actually available to buy anywhere??? I agree with previous comments, would only really be useful if it was carry-on luggage size, as otherwise you would be checking it in and wouldnt be able to use it....

What do you think?

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